Stay Private & Protected

RoseVPN protects you from security threats when you're using public Wi-Fi like those accessible from coffee shops, airports, hotels, train stations etc - all of which can be a focal point of activity for malicious hackers.

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Encrypt Everything

We designed our app to protect you from security threats when you’re using public Wi-Fi; like the ones you'll find at coffee shops, airports, hotels etc... these can be a focal point of activity for malicious hackers. It's simple for hackers on the same Wi-Fi connection to collect your usernames & passwords, bank account details and loads more. Since RoseVPN completely secures and encrypts your data you can browse from anywhere in the world safe in the knowledge that you are always secure and immune to hackers.

Save Money

Some online stores show you higher prices if you're browsing from certain locations. RoseVPN lets you browse from locations all over the world to keep you safe from price discrimination. Next time you shop online, try connecting to server locations in a few different countries to browse for better deals instantly.


Travelling abroad? Take your entertainment with you. There's no need to miss your favorite TV shows & websites when you travel. Just because they're only available back home doesn't mean you can't take them with you... with Rose VPN, you can.

Secure Multiple Devices

You might be protected on one device, but what about your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and game consoles? RoseVPN gives you apps for all your devices plus support for every major operating system. Download the RoseVPN app from iTunes or Google Play to enjoy VPN on your mobile devices.