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Rose VPN Benefits
Shopping Online with Rose VPN

Shopping online has become extremely popular over the past 15 years, or more, giving consumers a quick, easy and efficient way to compare prices and get the best deals. Many online stores, including airlines, shopping channels & trainlines, show you higher prices when browsing from different countries - RoseVPN will allow you to enjoy these savings by switching countries instantly with our VPN service. Moreover, when connected to RoseVPN you can shop with outright confidence knowing your banking details, usernames & passwords etc are encrypted and completely secure no matter where you browse from in the world.

Secure servers located all over the world

Connect to our Rose VPN premium servers; tailored for optimum speed and security. Enjoy one click & instant connection to countries from all over the world with our simple to use app developed for all devices.

Social Media Hacking

We are hearing more and more that our social media accounts are being hacked... almost everyone now has received an unexpected message from one of their friends, often requesting to click on a link of some sort (image, video etc). BUT, where do these unwanted messages come from? They come from hackers who have invaded unprotected devices from public Wi-Fi networks and even from 3G & 4G networks! More worrying, is that it might not only be our social media username & passwords they have, they could also have private information from our shopping & banking apps. Protect yourself always by connecting to our Rose VPN network where your device will never be compromised.

Secure all of your devices

We designed our app to protect you from security threats when you’re using public Wi-Fi; like those you'll find at coffee shops, airports, hotels etc... these can be a focal point of activity for malicious hackers. It's simple for hackers on the same Wi-Fi connection to collect your usernames & passwords, bank account details and loads more. Since RoseVPN completely secures and encrypts your data you can browse and shop online from anywhere in the world safe in the knowledge that you are always secure and immune to hackers.

Just a quick note to thank you guys for all the wonderful work you do - I genuinely think Rose VPN is a fantastic service - I wouldn't be without it now! I travel a lot and it gives me real peace of mind when I am in public WiFi areas that my data is fully protected. Such a top service and so keep up the good work. I love it!

Sally, St Andrews, Fife


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